Hello readers

Well its been a while in know so here goes:-

In the last few weeks recruitment has  been a good , Last week we had one new started, and this week we were joined by another four new scouts. This how every now bumps the girls number’s up to 7 with only 6 boys.

Last night(17/06) we had an it evening for all the scouts going to Malvern Challenge. But on the plus side for the scout skip decided to have some water activities, only to find all the scouts turned on him and got him soaked .

Thats all for now folks

Random Scouter


About randomscouter

Hello reader, a few quick points about me! I’m Matt, aka skip to my scouts. I’m 25 (@ the time of writing this any way) and live in Patchway, Nr Bristol I work as a chef, working Monday to Friday 0730 to 1500, plenty of time for Scouting. I’m an Scout Leader (SL) for 2nd Patchway Scout Group, in Brunel District in the Avon Scout County If you want to know more ask!
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