What a weekend,

around 3000 people attended this years Malvern challenge,Some of my scouts were among them. They had fun at the Friday night party watching duke. Both teams were entered in to the Malvern challenge and came 138th and 328th. But they all enjoyed the evening and want to go again.

photos coming soon

Random Scouter


About randomscouter

Hello reader, a few quick points about me! I’m Matt, aka skip to my scouts. I’m 25 (@ the time of writing this any way) and live in Patchway, Nr Bristol I work as a chef, working Monday to Friday 0730 to 1500, plenty of time for Scouting. I’m an Scout Leader (SL) for 2nd Patchway Scout Group, in Brunel District in the Avon Scout County If you want to know more ask!
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  1. Richard Humberstone says:

    Hi there,
    i was wondering what time the event finished on the sunday? as we are about to enter some of our scouts.

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