About Me

This page is all about me and my scouting history
I’m Matt, i’m 26 and  an SL for 2nd Patchway Scout Group.
It stated back in the early 90’s when I started out as a beaver(6-8year olds) then I moved up to cubs(8-10.5 year olds), after the 2.5 years there I moved up to scouts(10.5-15) at the time the age of scouts was to 16 so I stayed on. After my ten years as a young person I then became a helper at the cub pack I was a cub in. Then I became of age to become a leader. I started off as an ACSL @ 2nd Patchway, then after  had pasted I became CSL of the pack, Due to lack of young people in the group we closed down the cub pack that I was running and I went back to being as ACSL. But new challenges lay had of me, and I started up my old Scout troop which had closed down a few years before hand.
During my time running the scout troop I applied to be a leader of one the units that the county was sending to the 21st world scout jamboree. The WSJ was a wonderful experience, helping the 36 young people get ready for the most amazing camp they could every go on, camping with 44,000 people from all over the world.  On the back of the jamboree I was asked if I would be ADC(S) for district which I accepted. Now after 2 years of working with Scout Leaders decided to rejoin my old Scout troop as an ASL.
I’m now working as SL @ 2nd Patchway Scout group, along side this I’m the sub camp chief for Brunel at the 4 seasons county camp this next year

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