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as part of an organised event it could be sleeping in your garden when the temperature goes below zero degrees or it could be sleeping with your patrol at Woodhouse Park or with another Scout in the tree house at the bottom of the beyoung people to spend at least one night per month out of their beds and engaged in some form of camping activity. This does not need  empowerThe idea of the Avon Scouts Camping Award Scheme is to


The scheme started on the 1st June 2010.

Rules of the Camping Award


Scouting is a movement built around trust so validation of the completion of a section of the Award will be the record card downloadable below. 

The Camping Award scheme is open to all members of the Scout, Explorer Scout and Scout Network sections of Avon County and adult members. A Record card should be completed with the date of the camp and countersigned (using initials) by a Leader/Parent or camping companion. The completed card should be returned to the ACC (Explorers) who will arrange for the relevant award to be made.

Mess tent badge Camping Award – Mess Tent Award
• Spend one night per calendar month for a total of six months in the year under canvas, in a bivouac or bothy.
• Three of these camps should be from the list of challenges on the record card.
• Three free nights have been given to aid completion of the award.
• Sleep in the tent the badge is named after (not compulsory)
Patrol tent badge Camping Award – Patrol Tent Award
• Hold the Mess Tent Award
• Complete a set of challenges from the list different from those already done for a total of eight months in the year.
• Two free nights have been given to aid completion of the award.
• Sleep in the tent the badge is named after (not compulsory)
Toilet tent badge Camping Award – Toilet Tent Award
• Hold the Patrol Tent Award
• Complete a set of challenges from the list different from those already done for a total of ten months in the year.
• One free night has been given to aid the completion of the award.
• Sleep in the tent the badge is named after (not compulsory)

  At 0 degrees or below
Above 2000 feet
On an island
At sea level
With 20 people or more
At Woodhouse Park
At least 6 feet above ground level
In a bivouac
With Overseas Scouts
Jointly with Cub Scouts
Jointly with Explorers or Network
With another Youth Organisation (see
As part of a conservation project
As part of an Activity Badge
 In a bothy
At a County event
 At Glenny Wood, Chelwood, Mafeking or Centenary Wood
Camp for 4 consecutive nights
As part of an Expedition
With another troop/district/county/country
To complete an Award or Challenge
With a new recruit
As part of an organised Patrol Camp
In a forest
On a Beach
In a Youth Hostel or similar (see
At another County campsite
As part of a Jamboree type event

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Q Who can take part in the Award?
A Any member of the Scout / Explorer / Network / Adult Sections of Avon County is able to take part in the Avon Scouts Camping Award. 

Q Does the Camp need to be as part of a Scouting Event?
A Where applicable an event passport should be issued for all camps not classed as “Scouting Events” 

Q Can I do the same Challenge twice?
A If a challenge is signed off as part of a previous award it is classed as completed and therefore not to be done again. Whilst you can, of course, do the activity again, you can’t use the same event more than once. 

Q What are Free Challenges?
A The Free Challenges are there to assist in the completion of the award, for example if a person is completing the Toilet Tent Award and they have completed 9 Challenges in 11 months the Free Challenge is there to allow them to complete the award and not have to restart. 

Q If we chose to sleep in the tent of the award will that count to one of our 6/8 or 10 nights away?
A Yes it will count, however photographic evidence is required. (Please send photo 

Q Can the Badge be worn on the Uniform?
A Yes, the Badge can be worn on the uniform, only one badge is worn at a time (i.e. once the patrol tent award is gained it replaces the Mess Tent). The badges will be worn on the left sleeve of the uniform shirt. 

Q Are the badges transferable between the sections?
A Yes you can move the badge from scout uniform to explorer uniform and so on. 

Q On Completion where should the sheets be sent?
A Once a badge is completed you should send the sheets to County Office and mark them for the attention of the ACC Explorers. 

Q What do I do if I have other Questions?
A If you have other questions about the award please email 

Q Can we start with the Toilet Tent Award?
A No. 

Q Please, please can we start with the Toilet Tent Award?
A Still no. 

Q You’re mean?
A I know 

Any questions? Email:


Mess tent badge Patrol tent badge Toilet tent badgeAVON SCOUTS CAMPING AWARD 


Badge Work Resources 

Well like I’ve said in my blog I’ve found a great Badge Work Resources web page (link in blogroll). I just had to share this great page and its resources. I have attached all the Scout Badge Work Resources on this page but please go and check out the beaver and cub ones. 


Activity PLUS 


Advanced Aviation Skills 

Advanced Nautical Skills 


Air Researcher 

Air Spotter 






Aviation Skills 

Basic Aviation Skills 

Basic Nautical Skills 

Camp Cook 

Campsite Service 




Circus Skills 





Dinghy Sailor 


Dragon Boating 


Emergency Aid 



Fire Safety  


Global Conservation 




Hikes Away 

Hill Walker 


Information Technology 



Martial Arts 

Master at Arms 



Model Maker 


My Faith 


Nautical Skills 

Nautical Skills training activities 


Nights Away 




Physical Recreation 


Power Coxswain 

Public Relations 





Sports Enthusiast 

Street Sports 

Survival Skills 


Water Sports 

World Faiths 


I do wish to add my thanks to Samantha Eagle for the permission to use all her hard work on the PDF’s above. 


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